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At Lucas Insurance Brokers , we will shop the best carriers in your market and get the savings that you want for all of your insurance needs. If you have been turndown by numerous homeowners insurance carriers, or find its hard to get your coastal property insured at a affordable price, give us a call, it's our specialty. Here is list of Insurance services we cater to.


Home Insurance

Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

We insure the following : •Adult Day Care
•Alarm Installers
•Amusement Rides
•Building Demolition
•Clubs - Civic, Service or Social
•Commercial Property Owners
•Condominium and Homeowners' Association
•Convenience Stores
•Counseling Centers
•Day Care Facilities
•Flea Markets
•General Contractors
•Halfway Houses
•Home Health Care
•Hunting Clubs
•Lessor's Risk
•Liquor Liability
•Mercantile Classes
•Mobile Home Parks
•Outfitters & Guides
•Pawn Shops
•Refuse, Garbage Collection
•Rental Dwelling Program
•Security and Patrol Agents
•Shopping Centers
•Special Events
•Swim & Racquet Clubs




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